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Tony Gore & Majesty
Feeding The Homeless In Nashville, TN

Homeless and volunteers gathering for everything to begin. There will be over 500 Chairs set up where you see all these people standing.

Tony stands in front of the main trailer to feed the homeless. The meal is Pork Loin, green beans, corn, and cake. The pork loin was from Smoky Mountain BBQ with donations made from folks attending Smoky Mountain Christmas and sending checks to Tony Gore Ministries!


The Homeless getting in line to get their Christmas meal. The line goes back through the arch, and there are two lines, one for each side of the main trailer.

One of the Homeless gets really excited after she saw the gifts coming out and all the great food!

The meal trailers are in the next section under the bridge. This section of the bridge is where the preaching and singing services are held. We had a candlelight service complete with communion. There are five hundred chairs set out, and they ran out of chairs and had use the chairs you see behind the mics! There were around 600 estimated Homeless in attendence!

There were three tables of little children who were fed first, before the adults got to go through the line.

Children enjoying their Christmas meal under the bridge.

More folks waiting in line for thier meal.

Volunteers help a homeless lady in a wheel chair, carry her plate.

Here is the other trailer and volunteers carry the plates over to the other line. One line is fed out of the big trailer and the other out of this one to feed the people as fast as possible.

Still a very big crowd waiting to go through the line.

This is the line that the volunteers bring the plates over while the other side serves out of the side of the trailer.

A young boy carries his christmas gift along with his meal.

There are even some children who volunteer to hand out food and drinks!

More kids coming through along with their mother.

Some carry all their belongings with them because they are afraid of having them stolen.

More families coming through.

"Verily I say unto you, in as much as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my bretheren, ye have done it unto me." Matthew 25:40

Candy Hemphill Christmas after the candle light service telling folks how they will get their gifts.

While Volunteers had out the gifts Candy leads everyone in singing christmas songs and lets one of the homeless sing. She did a great job.

Each homeless person got a book bag with all kinds of goodies in them.

A church from Jasper, AL purchased sleeping bags for every homeless person that was there that night.

The little children at the front with their sleeping bags and back packs were so excited! They also had each child there a wrapped toy for Christmas!

The Bridge Ministries gives out food supplies every Tuesday night after the services.

It would be hard to put into words how blessed Tony Gore Ministries was to be a part of this wonderful evening. We should all be very thankful for what God has blessed us with! But for the grace of God we could be here to...Thank You to everyone who helped us with donations to be able to feed the homeless of Nashville! Merry Christmas!