Remember When

My Newest CD
This CD idea came from the past 6 years or so my restaurant has catered the meals for First Class Productions Celebrity Concert Series at the Country Tonite Theater in Pigeon Forge….They bring in mostly the older, classic artist. I must say that the artists have been wonderful to work with and have made me love and appreciate a time when the song is what made them who they are, not money or advertising….music was pure and simple….it was lyrics that told the stories of life……and you could hear and understand the lyrics! These songs will take you back to the Golden Years of music….Songs like WELCOME TO MY WORLD, I CAN’T STOP LOVING YOU, MAKE THE WORLD GO AWAY…..and my Mother’s favorite, I’LL GO TO MY GRAVE LOVING YOU. My Southern Gospel roots run deep and I’ll always return to my roots but I hope you enjoy this musical journey with me down memory lane, as we REMEMBER WHEN! You can order by clicking HERE

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